Unveiling Digital Leadership Insights: A Recap of CIOFEST 2024

Published by Alicja Pucyk
April 11, 2024 @ 12:07 PM
CIOFEST | Developing Digital Leadership, CIONET's biggest event, held on March 21st, 2024, brought together 39 speakers representing 8 CIONET countries, attracting over 1000 registrations. Across these sessions, the consensus was clear: today's digital landscape requires leaders who possess both technological expertise and business acumen to fulfill their strategic roles within their organisations.
CIOFEST, the pinnacle gathering for digital leaders, offered attendees a compelling experience at the intersection of technology, leadership, and innovation. This event provided a platform for CIOs, IT leaders, and business executives to converge, collaborate, and cultivate insights into the demands the ever-evolving landscape imposes on digital leadership.
From immersive panel discussions to thought-provoking conversations CIOFEST curated a dynamic agenda designed to empower attendees with actionable strategies, invaluable connections, and inspiration to become authentic contemporary digital leaders. 

The evolving role of chief information officers

In a world where digital disruption is the new norm and technological advancements reshape industries at a breakneck pace, the role of Chief Information Officers (CIOs) stands at the forefront of organisational evolution. This pivotal role was highlighted during CIOFEST. The takeaway to remember is that CIOs are not just technologists but strategic partners, collaborating with C-suite executives to define the future direction of the organisation. They are not just managers but leaders, inspiring teams to embrace change, challenge convention, and strive for excellence. They are not just custodians of technology but architects of transformation, shaping the destiny of their organisations in an increasingly digital world.

Digital strategy is business strategy


At the heart of impactful digital leadership lies the ability to comprehend and utilise the interrelation of different facets within an organisation to propel significant transformation and advancement.
Among the myriad discussions exchanged at CIOFEST, one lesson echoes profoundly: Digital strategy equates to business strategy. It becomes crucial to acknowledge that technology no longer acts solely in support of business aims but rather plays a fundamental role in shaping them. Through the harmonisation of digital endeavours with overarching business objectives, organisations can unlock unparalleled prospects for expansion, ingenuity, and enduring prosperity.

CIOFEST's Remarkable Speakers


Throughout the conference, our esteemed speakers captivated audiences with their expertise, inspiring us to reimagine the future of digital leadership. Join us as we revisit the remarkable individuals who graced our stages and enriched our collective understanding of digital transformation.

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  • Cindy Hoots (she, her) - CIO & CDO - AstraZeneca
  • Aleksandar Rodic - Global CIO - FIEGE
  • Annick Faes - VP IT and CIO Medical Devices EMEA - Johnson & Johnson MedTech
  • Lisa Spelman - Corporate VP & GM Intel Products & Solutions - Intel Corporation
  • Will Watkins - Head of Enterprise Strategy - Red Hat
  • Günther Ghijsels - Regional CIO Northern Europe - Randstad Group
  • Michal Paprocki - Group CIO - Euroclear
  • Herman Vantrappen - Strategy Advisor, Author of "The Organization Design Guide"
  • Daniel Gebler - Founder & CTO Picnic Technologies - Keynote Speaker
  • Stefanie Drerup - Head of Strategic Talent Ecosystem Development and Employer Branding - Siemens
  • Anna Kopp - Head of IT and Regional Office Lead Munich HQ - Microsoft
  • Hartmut U. Müller - CTO, Chief Transformation Officer - ServiceNow
  • Thomas Singbartl - Head of Global IT Operations - IU International University
  • Massimiliano Gerli - Group Chief Information Officer - Intercos S.p.A.
  • Joanna Pamphilis - Global Head, Investments and Securities Digital Products, CD&IO - UniCredit
  • Simone Pezzoli - Group Chief Digital Technology Officer - Haier Europe
  • Juri Hoedemakers (Drs. Hofnar) - Professioneel hofnar (Profnar®) & Adviseur Methodiek Douane Nederland
  • Jeroen Cornelissen - Chief Information Officer Transavia
  • Peter Siegmann Leader in IT PGB Pensioendiensten
  • Erik van Ommeren - Strategy Lead & Partner Strict
  • Magdalena Nowicka - VP - BNP PARIBAS
  • Adam Sawicki - Group Senior VP Digital - TVN WARNER BROS. DISCOVERY
  • Szymon Wałach - Vice President of the Management Board Digital - INPOST
  • Marcin Barański - General Manager / Board Member - VOX
  • Luis Pedro Martins - CEO - Tourism in Porto and North of Portugal
  • Pedro Gouveia - CEO Public Security Forces - Ministry of Internal Affairs
  • José Esteves - DEAN - Porto Business School
  • Javier Gaztelu - Subdirector General. Head of Lending and Payments - Banco Sabadell
  • Anna Marquès - People & Organization Director - Caixabank Tech
  • Eulalia Nadal - Chief Corporate Officer - GB Foods
  • Tony Solé - Colaborador Académico | ESADE - Socio Director | The Skeye
  • Claire Hewitt - Head of Learning Design - Henley Business School
  • Norma Dove-Edwin -Non Executive Director - HSBC & Pod Point
  • Sanjay Patel - CIO, CDO, CTO, Non-Executive - Former CIO Tate & Lyle
  • Katie Hevey - Client Partner - Savannah Group
  • Hena Jalil - Managing Director & CIO - BT Global
  • Mark Powell - Author


The Gallery




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CIOFEST Portugal
CIOFEST Portugal
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CIONET Cookbook No.3
Netherlands 1
CIONET Cookbook No.3
Poland 8
CIONET Cookbook No.3
CIONET Cookbook No.3

The CIONET Cookbook No.3 launch


During CIOFEST, we had the pleasure of launching CIONET Cookbook No. 3, a culmination of insights and strategies for digital success from Europe's top IT executives. As part of this exciting event, we were joined by esteemed guest panel speakers from Red Hat - Will Watkins and Intel - Lisa Spelman, our valued partners in the creation of the cookbook. Together, we celebrated the collaborative effort and shared expertise that went into crafting this invaluable resource for the digital community. 

The CIONET Cookbook No. 3 is a book packed with cutting-edge expert advice from 21 Master Chefs of IT, Tech & Digital. Don't miss out – order your copy now and stay ahead of the curve (free for CIONET members)!
Cookbook 3 - cover

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