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Germany Jan 31, 2023 Country Members Virtual german

Automatisierung und Cloud im regulierten Umfeld

Software Produktion in einem stark regulierten Umfeld sind eine besondere Herausforderung. Agile Softwareentwicklung und Strategie in Richtung Cloud müssen vereint werden mit Cyber-Sicherheit, Compliance Vorgaben und zuweilen strikter Regulierung. Wir lernen im Vortrag von Oliver Schrempf, wie die Deutsche Flugsicherung diese Herausforderung angenommen hat.

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Belgium Jan 31, 2023 Invitation Only Physical english

CIONET Belgium: Decarbonising your business starts with IT.

Isn't it time to move away from the old thinking of stratifying and delineating between IT, business, and sustainability plans? With so many technical innovations, expertise and best practices at hand, there is no excuse for the CIO not to do his bit to achieve the organisation's sustainability goals. Here lies an excellent opportunity to simultaneously achieve sustainability goals and improve business performance. The CIO has several essential assets to work with, starting with infrastructure and data. To manage and optimise their sustainably, he or she ideally applies a holistic approach that covers the entire value chain. Best practices are available for decarbonising the data centre and infrastructure or cloud environment. The performance of systems and storage facilities can be optimised for the good of both the business and the planet based on the workloads they need to support. Modernising applications can also yield significant energy savings, as does the proper management of access to application data... Decarbonisation can also accelerate digitisation journeys. But this requires choosing the right technologies and integrating them into suitable architectures. Agenda 18h00 - Welcome & introductions 19h00 - Presentation and 3-course dinner 21h00 - End

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International Feb 1, 2023 Public Virtual english

CIONEXT EDLOTY B2B & B2C: Let's talk Money

Our organisations are faced with a series of financial challenges: the end of cheap money, the shortage of resources and the historical levels of inflation, mean that higher rates of return are demanded from business leaders today. CIOs and their digital teams are coming to the rescue and need to focus on the bottom line! Let’s look at this from 3 different angles. The “Do more with less” proverb has returned and IT needs to be fit and responsive in order to run business processes cheaper and more efficiently. What’s happening with the 2023 technology budget? What measures are being taken to save money? What metrics are in place to track IT spend against business performance? How about financial engineering and technical debt reduction? Are you saving money with cloud, automation, insourcing, standardisation and simplification? Increase wallet share. How can digital help to create more value for and revenue from our existing customers? Move from product sales to digital services, focus on the customer experience and life cycle by implementing top notch sales, marketing and support systems. Customer delight is needed in times of crisis. Boost market share. What new value, for new customers with new business models and services are you creating? Is there still room for innovation? Where do you prioritise your resource allocation? Is there an opportunity for forward integration? How can you turn the demand for sustainable processes and targets from a business nuisance into a business driver and competitive advantage? Join our discussion with the B2B and B2C sector finalists of the European Digital Leader of the Year 2023, where we review how they focus on the bottom line in this pivotal year. CIONEXT is a unique opportunity to learn from the most successful Digital Leaders in the world. In this edition, B2B and B2C sector finalists of the European Digital Leader Of The Year 2023 share how they are helping their organisations to manage the bottom line in times of crises. The discussion will be moderated by Hendrik Deckers & Nils Fonstad. Join us to learn from the best!

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Germany Feb 1, 2023 Public Virtual english

CIONEXT EDLOTY B2B & B2C: Let's talk Money

Our organisations are faced with a series of financial challenges: the end of cheap money, the shortage of resources and the historical levels of inflation, mean that higher rates of return are demanded from business leaders today. CIOs and their digital teams are coming to the rescue and need to focus on the bottom line! Let’s look at this from 3 different angles.

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Spain Feb 2, 2023 Country Members Physical spanish


Formato fresco e innovador en el que en un contexto de afterwork, profundizaremos en las experiencias personales, las carreras, el liderazgo, el aprendizaje y el desarrollo profesional de nuestros líderes digitales y ejecutivos y su relación con la tecnología.

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UK Feb 9, 2023 Country Members Physical english

Zurich : Cybersecurity is a team sport

CIONET, along with our sponsors Hitachi Vantara, invite you to this in-person roundtable event on 9 February at the fabulous Hotel Carlton Wine Cellar. During the event – CIONET Associate Editor Jon Bernstein – you will hear from Tom Christensen, Global Technology Advisor & Executive Analyst at Hitachi Vantara. Do join us for what promises to be a highly enjoyable and enlightening evening.

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Anna Kopp (1)

Anna Kopp

Head of IT Germany and Regional Office Lead Munich, Microsoft

“The CIONET App allows us to learn from eachother and and find the courage to be authentic by hearing stories from others! Thanks to Tobias and the whole team for bringing us together:-) ”
Mauricio Amaro

Mauricio Amaro

IT Director, IT Thinker

“The main things that I would like to get from our community of Digital Leaders are: networking, share experiences, share best practices and successful cases, and comments and recommendations about providers.”
Vijay Anand

Vijay Anand

Vice president IT & Compliance, VisionaryRCM (A Carlyle Grp Company)

“The CIONET app provides a really cool platform to network and share insights.”


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Thomas Siekmann


"What I am looking for - and always looked for in the past - is an organization supporting me in the work I love. Getting better needs reflection. And who can ever support you better than a colleague with similar experiences and nearly the same tasks? CIONET offers me a exchange of experience between people doing the same job. Best knowledge you can get. I am enjoying being a CIONET member every day."
Sebastian Paas

Sebastian Paas

Partner, PricewaterhouseCoopers GmbH

"CIONET is an important partner for PwC's digital ecosystem. I personally appreciate the collaboration with so many CIOs and the interesting discussions on information technology."
Michael Kollig 600bw

Dr. Michael Kollig


5000 plus LinkedIn contacts and hundreds of Facebook “friends” are no replacement for real networking, therefore CIONET.”

Thomas Zimmerer

Interim CIO/CDO,

“CIONET is a great community of CIOs around the world. I can share and challenge my ideas with them and get great feedback. Also the conferences are on highest level and keep me up to date.”

Koen Van Loo

CIO, Renson

“Be inspired by your peers and quality content! With seminars, workshops, events and both online and offline content CIONET brings your professional life to the next level… All is often organized from a surprising angle and with lots of opportunities to meet your peers in a fun and informal way.”

Tom Willems

Global Change Leader Wholesale Banking, ING

“CIONET is a great community of senior IT people  from all industries. The community events are an excellent opportunity to share your thoughts, successes and  challenges with your peers enabling you/your company to reach the next level of expertise and success. Events also keep you on top of  the wave of new developments and trends in the market in the area of IT. Networking is the cherry on the cake. ”


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