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CIONET Netherlands

Voor CIO's en digitale leiders die voorop blijven lopen. Kom in contact met 14.000 Digital Leaders.

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Netherlands Mar 22, 2023 Country Members Physical & Virtual dutch


Let’s take back control!  Digital sovereignty: the quest for control, choice and autonomy Our digital identity and integrity have become as precious as our physical identity and integrity. This is true for “us” as individuals, as companies or organisations, or even as countries. Data and digital flows are the foundations of our social functioning and primary source of value in the global digital economy. Still, a handful of Mega-Tech companies have been able to extract, monopolise and monetise our data over the last two decades. More than 90% of Western data is hosted in the US. Geopolitical actors use digital technology and data increasingly as tools of power. Legal initiatives such as the US Cloud Act or the Chinese Surveillance Legislation give their governments unlimited access to our data abroad. A cyber arms race is ongoing using a wide range of techniques, from blunt nation-state cyber-attacks to sophisticated social manipulation. In short, digitisation has made us as individuals, as businesses and as countries very dependent and vulnerable and hindered in capitalising on our own assets.  As a result, individuals, organisations and governments are re-evaluating their external exposure and launching digital sovereignty-related initiatives to maintain or acquire physical and digital control over their strategic assets, including data, algorithms, and critical software.   “‘Sovereign” means more than just national or European, it means that we have regained control over our own destiny. It’s about elements such as transparency, being able to tell (customers and citizens) where the data is; how it is stored, what security policies surround it, where the value goes, who owns the solution, and how to split responsibilities between all parties involved. What steps, if any, should we, our companies or governments take to regain control and restore our digital sovereignty? Join us on March 22nd at CIOFEST - our biggest Community Event of the year! We are bringing all CIONET countries and 1000+ Digital Leaders together to one glocal conference.

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Netherlands Mar 30, 2023 Invitation Only Physical dutch

Smart Industry Round Table Event

'Driving the Connected Future for CIOs' met sprekers: Fritz Oswald, Senior Vice President IT Infrastructure Frankfurt Airport. Mark Courage, Director Smart Industrieat TNO. Jeroen van Hamersveld, Managing Director at NTT Ltd. Herman van Bolhuis, Founder 3DMZ.

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Netherlands May 25, 2023 Invitation Only Physical dutch

Fortinet - KLM Open 2023

Kijk mee achter de schermen bij de KLM Open op uitnodiging van Fortinet; de Official Cybersecurity Partner van de DP World Tour. KLM Open zal plaatsvinden van 25 tot 28 mei 2023 bij Bernardus Golf in Cromvoirt.

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Wat onze leden van CIONET vinden

Els van Eekelen

Els van Eekelen


“CIONET is an open-minded, inspiring group of CIO’s and professionals that understand the need of IT for their company to be a leader in their business. Discussing and sharing the future of IT, and if necessary today’s worries, in events which are led by prominent people in a respectful setting CIONET broadens your scope and enables you and your company to outshine. Networking is easy and fun. CIONET is worthwhile to be your IT network.”
Wouter Schmitz

Wouter Schmitz

Head of Architecture, Atradius

“CIONET is the network that allows me to exchange experiences with peers. The CIONET organisation creates many different inspirational happenings to get insights from professionals and peers. For me CIONET is the way to get access to the latest and most relevant IT subjects and discuss them on the right level.”
Amir Arooni CIO NN

Amir Arooni

former CIO, Nationale Nederlanden

“CIONET is a community platform for CIOs, a discussion forum for knowledge sharing and networking opportunities with like-minded professionals. The platform not only focuses on knowledge sharing between CIOs, but also between IT departments and ICT companies. For me, CIONET is a way to contribute to the discipline of IT by sharing my experiences and to meet like-minded professionals. With a wider network, CIONET will be able to put important IT subjects on the agenda and attract great speakers.”
Geert-Jan de Koning
Geert-Jan de Koning
CIO / CTO / Enterprise Architect lead a.i.
Eelko van Leeuwen
Eelko van Leeuwen
ABN AMRO Clearing Bank N.V.
Remco Brouwer
Remco Brouwer
Senior Vice President
Randstad Holding
Artie Debidien
Chief Information Officer / Executive Vice President
Wouter Schmitz
Wouter Schmitz
Lead Business Architect
Bob van Graft
Bob van Graft
Henk Grevelman
Henk Grevelman
Francis Kraan
Francis Kraan
Tech Domain Manager
Els van Eekelen
Els van Eekelen
Manager IT
Topigs Norsvin
Bart Doorenbosch
Head of IT Operations & Development
Hans Geurts Global CIO VTTI
Hans Geurts
Chief Information Officer
Irma Jepma
Directeur Strategy, Sourcing, Cybersecurity & Change
Coöperatie VGZ


Herman Van Bolhuis
Founder CIONET Netherlands
Marita Vleugel
Country Manager / Community Partner
Jeroen Kleinhoven
Digital Product Strategy
profile picture
Floortje Akkerman
Community & Event Manager
Ardi Uttien CIONET Nederland
Ardi Uttien
Community Manager

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