CIOFEST: Developing Digital Leadership

Published by Lisa Kazachinina
March 26, 2024 @ 5:40 PM

On Thursday, 21st March 2024, CIONET Italia gathered industry leaders and protagonists together with esteemed speakers at the CIOFEST Glocal Event of the CIONET Community at the historical place of Cripta San Sepolcro in Milan.


The event consisted of International and local panels. Moderated by Filippo Satolli, CEO at 4books, there was an alternation of the frontal speeches and round tables, featuring insightful discussions and presentations on various topics crucial to digital leadership and innovation.

Digital Leadership: Joanna Pamphilis, Chief Digital & Information Officer at UniCredit, emphasized the importance of digital leadership, which blends strong leadership with digital proficiency. She highlighted the role of women in driving digital transformation and fostering inclusivity. 
Claudia Bettoni, Enterprise Account Executive at Google Cloud discussed the collaboration between CIOs and other CXOs, emphasizing the positive impact of female leadership on economic performance. 

Collaboration and Distributed Teams: Massimiliano Gerli, CIO at Intercos addressed the challenge of managing distributed teams across different locations, emphasizing the importance of clear responsibilities and effective communication.

Transformation through Digital Leadership: Simone Pezzoli, CIO at Haier shared Haier's transformation journey from a manufacturing to a service company, highlighting the importance of leveraging data and digital leadership to optimize processes and develop new business models.

AI in the Workplace: Federico Massarotto Mason, Enterprise Architect at Workday presented insights from a study on AI in HR business processes, emphasizing the need to empower employees to use AI technologies and foster a culture of innovation with a people-first approach.

Agile Digital Factory:, represented by Stefano Mainetti, Executive Chairman and Francesco Micotti, CEO highlighted the rationale behind establishing an Agile Digital Factory and the importance of Agile methodologies in adapting to changing contexts and fostering innovation.

Role of the CIO: Leonardo Bruni, Partner at EY presented a video from the recent event where they used the metaphor of the CIO as a Coach. This concept highlights the changing role of the CIO: in the past, CIOs were primarily responsible for IT infrastructure and operations; today, CIOs must also be business leaders who can help their organizations leverage technology to achieve their goals.


Digital Leadership is a complex and multifaceted topic. There are numerous challenges to face, but the opportunities are even greater. Companies that can seize these opportunities will be the ones that succeed in the digital future.

Key Takeaways:
  • Digital Leadership requires a cultural evolution within the company.
  • Managing distributed teams is a significant challenge for global companies.
  • Artificial intelligence is an opportunity for companies, but it must be used responsibly and securely.
  • Digital Leadership is fundamental for digital transformation, innovation, and company growth.

The panel discussion was followed by the exclusive guided tour to the Crypt of San Sepolcro - a hidden gem is a treasure trove of ancient history.


Our sincere gratitude extends to Claudia Bettoni, Leonardo Bruni, Massimiliano Gerli, Stefano Mainetti, Federico Massarotto Mason, Francesco Micotti, Joanna Pamphilis, Simone Pezzoli, Filippo Satolli and all participating Digital Leaders for their invaluable insights at this event! 

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