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UK Mar 12, 2024 Country Members Physical english

Managing board responsibility for cybersecurity and risk

EY invites you to attend a dinner for female technology leaders at 18:30 on 12th March 2024 to be held in London. Lopa Ghosh, partner at EY, will be joined by a leading CIO guest speaker. This event promises to be an engaging forum to share ideas, deepen our collective understanding, and network with your peers.

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UK Mar 19, 2024 Country Members Physical english

Building the CIO playbook for gen AI projects and programmes

Join us at 18.30 on the 19th of March to share current practices and exchange thoughts about future directions. Roger Camrass, Director of Research at CIONET International, will be your host. As with all CIONET events, we believe this meeting of minds will help empower you in your digital leadership role. 

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UK Mar 21, 2024 Country Members Physical & Virtual english

CIOFEST UK: Developing Digital Leadership

Join us for a transformative CIONET Community event focused on "Developing Digital Leadership." This conference unites both global and local CIOs, top digital leaders, and IT executives to explore key aspects of digital leadership growth: Enhancing Digital Skills for Business Leadership:  Discover the CIO's role in fostering digital literacy among business leaders and aligning digital initiatives with business goals. How do we make sure our C-suite is really data and digital savvy? Empowering IT Leadership: Uncover strategies for building and strengthening the IT leadership team to drive innovation and collaboration. How do you plan your own succession and become a real kingmaker?  Personal Development of CIO's: Gain insights into how CIOs can evolve their technology knowledge, leadership skills, and personal growth. Where do you find opportunities for self-improvement? Shaping the Future of Digital Leadership: Explore emerging technologies' impact on leadership and envision the future of digital leadership. What characteristics will distinguish the leaders of the future? Don't miss this opportunity to connect, learn, and share experiences with like-minded professionals. Elevate your leadership skills and strategies for a successful digital journey.

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CIO CIRCLE The intersection of cybersecurity and AI in UK government

EY and CIONET join forces to bring to you the CIO Circle – a joint forum exploring end-to-end organisational transformation

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The 2023 programme covered our community’s main topics of interest, which were confirmed by our UK Advisory Board of senior IT leaders. The six events were Emerging Technologies in January, Data Strategies in March, Sustainability in April, Leadership for a Digital World in June, Collaborating Across Boundaries in September, and Cyber Wars in November. Each event was attended by an audience of more than 100 digital leaders and the content was highly rated.

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INVESTMENT REPORT 2024: Navigating unchartered waters

In this report, Roger Camrass reviews the financial events of 2022 and 2023 and presents his personal view on investment prospects for 2024 Roger has followed global finance markets closely for more than 40 years and summarises trends in annual investment reports1 As the research director of CIONET, Europe’s largest community of digital leaders2, Roger has firsthand knowledge of digital trends

CIONET UK Advisory Board - Andrew Brammer - Group CIO, Allen & Overy
Andrew Brammer
Director - IT and Shared Services
Allen & Overy
CIONET UK Advisory Board - Andrew Brothers - Group CIO - Primark)
Andrew Brothers
Asheesh Malhotra - EY
Asheesh Malhotra
Lead Partner Technology Transformation, Microsoft and Servicenow portfolio
CIONET UK Advisory Board - Breno Gentil - Senior Director Digital & Technology Europe -  The Heineken Company
Breno Gentil
SVP, Chief Digital and Information Officer
The HEINEKEN Company
CIONET UK Advisory Board - Charles Forte - Group CIO - Ministry of Defence)
Charlie Forte
U.K. Ministry of Defence
CIONET UK Advisory Board - Charlotte Baldwin - Global Chief Digital & Information Officer  - Costa Coffee, part of the Coca-Cola Company
Charlotte Baldwin
Global Chief Digital & Information Officer
Costa Coffee, part of the Coca-Cola Company
CIONET UK Advisory Board - Cindy Hoots - Group CD&IO, AstraZeneca
Cindy Hoots
Chief Digital Officer & CIO
CIONET UK Advisory Board - Felipe Martinez -  CIO & Board member - Revolut Bank (EU) - Revolut
Felipe Peñacoba Martinez
CIO & Board member - Revolut Bank (EU)
CIONET UK Advisory Board - John M Neill - Chairman and Group Chief Executive - Unipart Group
John M Neill CBE
Chairman and Group Chief Executive
Unipart Group
CIONET UK Advisory Board - Louisa Perry - Managing Director, Global Digital and Technology Practice Co‑Leader -  ZRG Partners
Louisa Perry
Managing Director, Global Digital and Technology Practice Co‑Leader
ZRG Partners
CIONET UK Advisory Board - Malcolm Whitehouse - CD&IO - NHS Greater Manchester Integrated Care
Malcolm Whitehouse
NHS Greater Manchester Integrated Care
CIONET UK Advisory Board - Mark Foulsham - Ex COO
Mark Foulsham
CIONET UK Advisory Board - Mark Smith - Chief Digital & Technology Officer - SSP
Mark Smith
Chief Digital & Technology Officer
CIONET UK Advisory Board - Martin Bellamy - CIO - Houses of Parliament Restoration & Renewal
Martin Bellamy
Houses of Parliament Restoration & Renewal
CIONET U Advisory Board - Maureen Wedderburn - Chair MMIC Supervisory Board - CPI
Maureen Wedderburn
Chair MMIC Supervisory Board
CIONET UK Advisory Board - Natasha Davydova - CIO - AXA UK
Natasha Davydova
CIONET UK Advisory Board - Pablo De Ayala - Global CIO - Dufry Group
Pablo De Ayala
Global IT Director, Global CIO (Chief Information Officer)
Dufry Group
CIONET UK Advisory Board member - Pravina Ladva - Chief Digital Transformation Officer - Swiss RE
Pravina Ladva
Chief Digital Transformation Officer
Swiss RE
CIONET UK Advisory Board - Que Tran - European CIO - DP World
Que Tran
Regional CIO / Head of IT, Europe
DP World
CIONET UK Advisory Board - Rajat (Raj) Dhawan -  Group CTO - Soho House
Rajat Dhawan
Group Chief Technology Officer
Soho House
CIONET UK Advisory Baard Member - Robbert Van Rutten - CIO - Shell
Robbert Van Rutten
Group CIO
CIONET UK Advisory Board - Sanjay Patel Group CIO
Sanjay Patel
Group CIO
Tate & Lyle
CIONET UK Advisory Board - Sarah Milton-Hunt - CIO, Digital and Transformation Leader @ National Grid
Sarah Milton-Hunt
Chief Information & Digital Officer
National Grid
CIONET UK Advisory Board - Stuart Birrell  - Group CIO -  EasyJet
Stuart Birrell
Chief Data and Information Officer
Tarun Kohli
Managing Director & Head - New Propositions
Swiss RE
CIONET UK Advisory Baard - Tracey Jessup - CIO - De Montfort University
Tracey Jessup
Chief Transformation Officer
De Montfort University

Premium Business Partners

Uk bps





Candice Baptiste - Membership Director
Candice Baptiste
Membership Director
Isabel David _ Marketing Director _ CIONET UK
Isabel David
Marketing Director
Roger Camrass_Research Director_CIONET UK
Roger Camrass
Research Director
Sean Foley


Trevor Didcock  _ Futurice _ Affinity Water

Trevor Didcock

NED Affinity Water, ACOG and Futurice,

I am certain that I will speak for all members of the advisory board in applauding your fantastic thought leadership through the last year. Plotting a path through everything that has gone on, and continues to go on, is no easy task and yet you and the UK and European team have done a brilliant job in researching key topics, facilitating quality debate and writing thought provoking papers. There is no doubt in my mind that CIONET is the premier networking and thought leadership vehicle available to technologists. I know we have the likes of Gartner and Forrester etc but in terms of getting smart people together to talk about important and prescient things – nobody does it better!

Mark Parr

Global Director of Information Technology, HFW

Being able to continue to attend CIONET events over the last year, has been invaluable.  The topics discussed are always insightful, with the added benefit of hearing from peers across various sectors.  For me, having the opportunity to be involved in a conversation that can provide perspectives I hadn't considered and that allows me to connect with other digital leaders who are facing similar challenges is vital. From joining the very many CIONET discussions, I have be able to share experiences and ideas and to learn about new technologies and concepts.  With events being conducted in such a way as to promote conversation (ably chaired by Roger Camrass), I am able to make better informed decisions that will allow me to help shape the delivery of technology across my organisation.

Keith Baxter

CIO, Anthony Nicholas Group

“Being a member of CIONET has been a great journey. The knowledge share and access to various webinars and the wider tech community has given me greater opportunities and helped me be more successful in driving technology change”
CIONET UK - Natasha Davydova

Natasha Davydova


“The CIONET discussion on ‘Company as a Platform’ reinforced my decision on the career move from the banking industry to Salesforce, one of the most innovative, industry-leading customer success platform companies, providing the world’s leading enterprise cloud ecosystem. This is where I see the core of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.”

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