Reflecting on 2023 and Gearing Up for 2024

Published by Daniel Eycken
December 20, 2023 @ 8:57 AM

Dear Digital Leader,

As we approach the year's end, it's a wonderful time for reflection and forward thinking. But, most importantly, it's the perfect moment to extend a heartfelt thank you to you, the invaluable member of CIONET. Your enthusiasm, ideas, and willingness to share and assist your fellow digital leaders have been truly remarkable.

CIONET's success is a testament to our belief in and ability to harness the collective intelligence of the Belgian digital community. It's always a pleasure to reiterate our mantra: unique ICT problems are rare exceptions. Someone within our network has likely faced similar challenges or embarked on projects akin to yours. They might even have solutions to the problems you're tackling. And, even if the complete solution isn't readily available, you'll find valuable pieces of the puzzle within our community.

This year has not only been about hard work; it's also been filled with fun and camaraderie. From cycling events to car racing at Zolder and Spa/Francorchamps, and sailing on the North Sea, to moments spent as skilled cooks, fun has been a constant companion.

I extend my sincere appreciation to our members – the digital leaders – and the growing commitment from our insiders, highly valued experts, and digital advisors. Your contributions have been crucial in shaping our research programmes, publications, workshops, and tribe sessions.

A special thank you to our business partners for your collaboration and allegiance to adding value to our community. And, of course, to our team, whose tireless dedication and joy in their work make CIONET what it is. I am incredibly grateful to work alongside each of you.

Looking at the infographic in this month's newsletter, 2023 has been a year of success, marked by 209 events, 141 speakers, and significant growth in our community. These numbers are a clear indicator of a lively and thriving network.

We're particularly excited about our 2024 programme, which is meticulously designed to address the key challenges and hot topics on every CIO's mind. Next to our Annual event: "What's Next", the programme focuses on critical areas like (Gen)AI, which is set to be a dominant theme in almost every event. Cybersecurity will receive even broader coverage, reflecting its growing importance. Other focal points include the role of CIOs in ESG programmes, mastering complexity in IT environments while integrating intelligence, and exploring the intricate relationship between humans and machines. We warmly invite you to explore the upcoming year's programme and start marking these essential events in your calendars.

Lastly, on behalf of CIONET, I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I hope you found 2023 as rewarding as I did and look forward to an even better 2024.

Best regards,

Daniel Eycken


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