Leadership Deep Dive interview: Unleashing the Power of AI

Published by Charlotte Coen
September 14, 2023 @ 11:37 AM

Davio Larnout, Co-founder and CEO at Radix, is making waves in the world of AI. Watch the #CIONET Leadership Deep Dive Interview as he discusses the impact and potential of AI in various industries. Radix is a pioneering AI company that delivers transformative solutions with the objective of creating real impact for clients through AI leverage.

Learn from Davio’s remarkable journey, driven by his passion for entrepreneurship and technology. Recognise the critical significance of understanding AI's capacity and the value of experimentation in uncovering its true potential. Davio recommends rethinking your organisation's processes and business models to fully harness AI's transformative power and unlock its boundless possibilities.

In this #LeadershipDeepDive Interview with Hendrik Deckers, Davio explains how Radix is using various AI categories, like deep learning and generative AI, to help automate cognitive tasks and push the boundaries of innovation. He illustrates this by explaining how the implementation of natural language processing has transformed the job-matching process at VDAB.

CIONET invites you to watch this new episode to gain insights into Radix's strategic commitment, its approach to centralisation and decentralisation, and its focus on building AI applications that deliver tangible and meaningful value. 

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