LDD interview: How to effectively reduce your ERP landscape

Published by Charlotte Coen
December 12, 2022 @ 5:13 PM

“You’re always 25 metres away from an object coloured or protected by our products,” says Marco van Kempen, Director of IT Center of Expertise at AkzoNobel. An organisation that supplies sustainable and innovative paints and coatings with a world-class portfolio of brands - including Dulux, International, Sikkens and Interpon - to name just a few.

In this Leadership Deep Dive interview Hendrik Deckers asked Marco van Kempen, Director of IT Center of Expertise at AkzoNobel, in detail what the company’s ERP strategy looks like – what systems and platforms are used, how financial, HR and eCommerce data are managed using e.g. cFIN, ECC, Magento – and about the next steps on AkzoNobel’s ERP journey. Marco explained how the company managed post-covid supply chain issues and increased prices, as well as shared strategies in IT that helped relieve the situation by using data to create real-time insights.

Watch the full interview to find out how AkzoNobel is planning to reach its goal to move to just 4 ERP platforms by the end of 2023, how far they are on its cloud journey, and if the outsourcing of its IT services has proven to be a successful strategy.

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