Deciphering the Digital Noise

Published by Daniel Eycken
September 27, 2023 @ 9:47 AM

CIOs are frequently at the crossroads of discerning true technological revolutions from mere buzz-worthy distractions. The vastness of emerging tools and platforms can often feel overwhelming, making it increasingly challenging to separate the wheat from the chaff.

But how do we navigate this maze? Surprisingly, the secret isn't always about pursuing the newest kid on the block. It’s about observing and paying attention to the technological undertakings of businesses that have not only adopted but thrived. Their choices can be the beacon amidst the fog of novelties.
Moreover, never underestimate the power of dialogue. Engage with a spectrum of stakeholders — from customers to suppliers and industry peers. These conversations can unveil insights, experiences, and perspectives that can be the difference between an astute decision and a regrettable misstep.
Yet, with every promising innovation, a healthy dose of scepticism is a must. If a technology seems too good to be true, promising transformative results with minimal effort, it probably is. Ensure you're not getting swept away by grandiose promises without substantial evidence, as is highlighted in our new episode of the CIONET Trailblazer by Serge Craeghs, Managing Partner at Digitalum, who draws seven core truths from his deep experience in customer experience (CX) and e-commerce. 
Equally paramount is alignment. An avant-garde technology, no matter how promising, must align with the fundamental objectives of your organisation. It's not about having the latest; it's about having what’s right for your specific needs.
In this constantly evolving journey, introspection is your trusted ally. While it's tempting and sometimes beneficial to jump onto the latest trend, it's equally crucial to assess and challenge our biases. Being receptive to change is vital, but so is the ability to question and evaluate.
In conclusion, in the vast ocean of digital advancements, CIOs need a well-calibrated compass. This compass is crafted from observation, dialogue, scepticism, alignment, and introspection. With these in hand, one can sail confidently, making choices that promise genuine, lasting impact.

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