CIONET COOKBOOK N°2: Innovation Gap Playbook

Published by Tomasz Steinmetz
March 09, 2023 @ 1:31 PM
Pre-order the CIONET COOKBOOK N°2 now and get your ebook on the day of the launch, on March 22nd → What will you find inside? 20 Master Chefs share their recipes for a new digital world to keep you up to date with the views of the leaders community. 
As a bonus, a series of Playbooks has been included to give you more insights on the digitalisation journey. Today we’re sharing a glimpse of the Innovation Gap Playbook
Playbook Innovation Gap
CxOs are often expected to deliver change. To embrace digitalisation and move to a digital data-driven business model. In our playbook, where we comprehensively lay out tips for closing the innovation gap, we had a look at what approaches to adopt as a CxO. Among them close cooperation across the executive board stands out. 
We list out 4 factors that enhance finding a common language among C-suite leaders.
  • Promote CEO commitment to innovation. It’ll be all about measuring risk, building resilience, and right timing for the right moves.
  • Introduce scalable learning into the business structure. The whole company needs to be able to learn from deserved success and unavoidable defeat. On all levels.
  • Forward changes to the organisational model. The business structure will need to gain agility and speed. It may involve small customer-facing teams, micro-service components, and new digital platforms. Both trade partners and customers will need to be listened to and taken into the account of innovation.
  • Invent a new role for the CIO. The focus will be on innovation and far-sightedness. Finding new skills on the market, evaluating new technologies, and adopting cloud will be key for a modern CIO. As a consequence, this will lead to a firmer foundation for the CEO to promote large scale innovation. 
How do you act to bridge the innovation gap? Do you find your executive role in a constant evolution and in need of new approaches? The CIONET community of digital leaders is there to provide tips and an exchange platform.
And now, you can take it to your coffee table with the new CIONET COOKBOOK N°2
Don’t forget to pre-order to get your copy and happy reading!
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