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The technologies available to businesses are becoming ever more sophisticated. The development of the IT landscape has been accelerated by the pandemic, as corporations realise the importance of digital solutions in creating the virtual office, bringing together supplier and customer and ensuring the continuing success of their businesses.


The CIONET Cookbook uses the analogy of a five-star restaurant to explain the importance of optimally integrated technology, with the CIO as Master Chef.

In order to provide the best service to its customers, a top restaurant must have the right atmosphere, an inviting menu, a well-equipped kitchen, talented and committed front-of-house and kitchen staff and smooth-running processes that ensure an enjoyable experience for diners.



Roger Camrass-1


International research director, Cionet

A pioneer of today’s Internet in the seventies (at MIT) Roger  Camrass has been helping organisations across the Globe harness the power of new technologies and methods for over five decades.

As a thought leader, business executive and part time academic, Roger has introduced a succession of innovations including digital networking in the seventies, outsourcing and call centres in the eighties, business reengineering and third generation mobile networks in the nineties, e-commerce in 2000 and more recently cloud and 5G.