CIONET UK Financial Services  Virtual Wine Tasting:  Can we innovate effectively in the  hybrid workplace?

Published by Roger Camrass
October 05, 2021 @ 11:36 AM


Citrix _ CIONET UK _ Can we innovate effectively in the hybrid workplace? _ Financial Services

As we emerge from the pandemic, organisations have renewed their focus on growing revenues and fending off competition, especially from digital natives who have surged forward over the last eighteen months. At the same time, the investment in technologies has taken a rapid upswing. With workforces spread ever more thinly across geographies and often confined to home working for much of the week, can such individuals and dispersed teams innovate effectively?

There is no doubt that the tech sector has responded well to this challenge both during and well before the pandemic. They have been able to combine the talent of their employees with appropriate collaboration tools to deliver remarkable growth stories. Incumbents from all sectors need to replicate this success by addressing the following issues:

  • Bring IT and HR together to deliver an effective innovation partnership
  • Apply the latest technologies to empower creativity in the hybrid workplace
  • Provide access to relevant knowledge and data to spur on the innovation process
  • Exploit diversity and global sourcing of talent to add new voices to business projects

Citrix, a global leader in collaborative technologies invites you to a virtual wine tasting event on 11th November to share its 2021 global survey on ‘the new era of hyper-innovation’. Roger Camrass of CIONET will host this session. As with all CIONET events we believe that this will help empower you in your digital leadership role.


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