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Published by Maria Filipe
July 13, 2020 @ 8:00 PM

On June 26th, Digital Leaders from all corners of the world (and beyond, we're sure) joined us for CIONEXT which featured the finalists of the European Digital Leader of the Year 2020 Award in the Finance and Public sector categories.

During this virtual conference, sponsored by Google Cloud and moderated by Hendrik Deckers and Nils Fonstad, we launched several polls for all the participants in Zoom to kick off each of the panel discussions.

To set the scene for the Finance sector discussion on 'New ways to serve customers' with Martin Bellamy, Manuel Bento, Saverio Ferraro, Sofia Rodriguez-Sahagun, Dr. Anke Sax , Eelko Van Leeuwen and Geert Van Mol, we wanted to assess if participants felt their bank had gone the extra mile in terms of customer experience or struggled during the lockdown: 76% said that their experience was the same as before.

The first Public sector panel discussion with Lionel Chaine, Luis Engrossa, Martijn Stegink and Markus Schmitz addressed 'Agile Transformation' and we kicked it off with a poll to evaluate 'how Agile" the participants' organisations were.

Where is your organisation in company-wide adoption of Agile?

CIONEXT  | Finance & Public Sector - Poll Results - Agile

For half of the participants, the scenario that best describes their organisation's current stand regarding the adoption of Agile is one where IT is partly Agile. A fully Agile IT is the reality for 15% of the participants, but for a third of the participants, Agile adoption has already overflowed the boundaries of IT with 15% saying several other departments are Agile and (surprisingly?) 19% mentioning their whole organisation is now Agile.

In the final panel discussion of the day with Arnaud Coustillière, Sergi Girona and Erwin Verstraelen we focused on how Public sector organisations are 'Building Partnerships' and how these are becoming ever more critical capabilities to become future ready. Naturally, we opened the discussion with a poll to understand the participants' degree of involvement in building partnerships across company borders. What percentage was:

  • Consulted where needed?
  • Driving the partnerships?
  • Involved in the decision process?,
  • Not involved?

Find out the detailed results of the 3 polls in the full article available in our app exclusively for CIONET Members and join the conversation!


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