The CIONET Portugal Advisory Board meeting

Published by Joao Figueiredo
February 07, 2023 @ 11:30 AM

The Advisory Board of CIONET Portugal reconvened on February 2, 2023 at 17:45H at Microsoft Portugal - Parque das Nações. Composed of personalities from various sectors of civil society, namely in the cultural, business and academic area, the meeting featured presentations of institutional partnerships with ISACA Lisbon Chapter and E-Mais - Movimento Associação dos Sistemas de Informação Em Saúde, respectively by their presidents Bruno Horta Soares and Ricardo João Cruz Correia who carried out the drone vision of strategic points of direct collaboration with CIONET Portugal.

The Advisory Board attended a presentation of the André ValaMicrosoft with the theme "CHAT GPT: Friend or Foe?", as well as promotion of debate on its applicability to projects and possible contributions to the definition of the general program and content that are an integral part of CIONET Portugal strategy.
Subsequently, the debate began with José-Miguel Júdice, who chaired this session, in order to evaluate the planning, organization and articulation of CIO's, CISO's and IT professionals in Portugal, the problems of the digital society, as well as the holistic vision in terms of Management, Administration and Communication in private companies, in the Portuguese State and in the Social Sector.
We thank in the first instance the current Jose Carlos NascimentoJoao PatraoFilipe FrasquilhoMiguel Cordeiro,

Paulo Vieira our Business Partner and new member of the #advisoryboard

and new members of #advisoryboard Carlos FernandesHugo BastosGuilherme Teixeira, and other CIO's, CISO's and members of civil society João FeijãoJorge SilvaFrederico LopesNuno Brito PalmaJoão Paulo CamõesJoão CarvalhoMiguel Neiva de Oliveirarafael almeidaTiago Cunha MartinsNuno MartinsSergio Trindade: always in a unique perspective: cooperation, vision and the elevation of digital maturity in #portugal.

Special thanks to the José-Miguel Júdice for the presence and cross-cutting wisdom.

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