Portugal new bridgehead of European expansion of CIONET International

Published by Monika Rebala
April 20, 2022 @ 12:08 PM
CIONET, the fast growing community of digital leaders and IT executives around the world, is going for a strong Portuguese presence to reinforce its European Network.

CIONET is a unique organisation that enables IT executives and digital leaders around the world to exchange expertise and advice in order to help them analyse and solve business and IT issues. During the last five years CIONET has shown exponential growth: the number of its members – digital leaders – increased from 3,000 to more than 10,000, its team grew from 40 to 130 collaborators, and its network is now covering almost all Western European countries. And further international expansion is launched in Australia and Latin America. CIONET’s new engagement in Portugal clearly reinforces its European network and comes in response to the country's thriving IT and startup ecosystems, and thus to the growing demand from Portuguese IT leaders for customised peer-to-peer services.

As we enter the post-pandemic era, the IT leaders also face a new challenge: not just surviving, but thriving in the digital age. The peer-to-peer exchanges are therefore more important than ever, as they open new opportunities for digital leaders. Thus, having Portugal's IT executives in the CIONET network is doubly important. The scale of the network is an important factor of its strength and the local presence is key for direct person-to-person interactions. 

"We are excited about the opportunities the CIONET presence in Portugal brings to our community, both locally and globally. As CIONET members, Portuguese IT executives have the opportunity to meet other top IT experts from around the world, who share their interests, face the same challenges and care about the same topics. Thanks to that, they will be able to make better, more well-informed decisions about their business. Additionally, the Portuguese office positions CIONET closer to a variety of valuable digital leaders and clients in Portugal, offering them access to multiple opportunities all over Europe,” comments Luc Hendrikx, Global CEO of CIONET

CIONET is an exclusive members-only community. Members get immediate access to CIONET’s resources via an app, exclusive conferences, global awards, publications, webinars and research to uncover insights, engage in thought-provoking conversations about the latest technology trends, management  and innovations, as well as benefit from expert analysis and exclusive first-hand and tailor-made content. 

Moreover, the members of the CIONET Portugal community will have access to CIONET’s exclusive TRIBES Programmes, on the local and international levels. During these TRIBES, IT executives and top IT experts commonly build a trusted environment for systemic knowledge-sharing in order to find solutions for their challenges in the field of technology and digital transformation. 

João Figueiredo joins the CIONET Portugal community as country manager, responsible for business development. He is an experienced professional with extensive knowledge in the field of information technology. 

“Portugal has an increasingly fast-moving IT ecosystem and has the ambition to become an innovation hub in Europe. Not surprisingly, the needs of IT managers are also growing, as they expect customised solutions to the problems they encounter. By leveraging the strengths of the CIONET global community and combining them with our local experience and resources, we will be able to jointly provide support and unique knowledge to digital leaders in Portugal,” says João Figueiredo.

Interested digital and IT leaders can find more information on membership criteria and benefits, as well as apply for complimentary membership, at our website www.cionet.com.

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