Securing a Net-Zero Future: Insights from CIONET's Exclusive Roundtable with Conclusions by Andy Schweiger, SVP, DEKRA.

Published by Mark Hayes
July 17, 2023 @ 4:16 PM

A thought-provoking roundtable discussion:
On the 13th of July 2023, CIONET, in collaboration with our partners BT Global and Palo Alto Networks, organized a thought-provoking roundtable discussion. The event brought together 15 CIOs, CISOs, and Digital Leaders representing various industries. Titled ' Securing a Net-Zero Future,' the session aimed to foster meaningful exchanges and delve into the crucial steps required to establish a more secure and sustainable IT landscape. 

Panel Experts:

The roundtable boasted an esteemed panel of experts who shared their invaluable insights. Stefan Domsch, CIO of TÜV Süd, brought his extensive experience in addressing current enterprise security challenges. Joining him was Steffen Winkler, Lead IT Products & Services at BayWa, who gave a short talk on the role of IT as an enabler for sustainability. The session was moderated by Mark Hayes, Managing Director of CIONET Germany.

Exploring IT Security in Corporate ESG Goals:

In addition to discussing secure and sustainable IT practices, the roundtable delved into the intersection of IT security and corporate ESG objectives. In particular, the participants examined how robust IT security measures can contribute to a company's commitment to environmental sustainability. By exploring these synergies, the session aimed to inspire attendees to integrate IT security as a vital component of their overall sustainability strategies.

Learnings from the discussion:

One of our guests was Andy Schweiger, SVP Cyber Security Services, DEKRA provided his thoughts to CIONET on the outcome of our discussion:

“ The connection between sustainability, net-zero CO2 emissions, and cybersecurity may not be apparent at first, but they are interrelated, especially in our increasingly digital and environmentally-conscious world.

Here's a brief overview:

  1. Sustainability and Net-Zero CO2 Emissions:The connection between these two is direct. Sustainable practices in industry, agriculture, and our daily lives aim to reduce the overall environmental impact, which includes efforts to minimize greenhouse gas emissions. Achieving net-zero CO2 emissions means balancing the amount of emitted greenhouse gases with the amount we can remove from the atmosphere, a key aspect of sustainability goals.
  2. Sustainability and Cybersecurity: As we transition towards more sustainable practices, this often involves digitizing systems for efficiency. For example, smart grids are used to distribute renewable energy more effectively. These digital systems can be vulnerable to cyber-attacks, making cybersecurity a key factor in maintaining the integrity and functionality of sustainable technologies.
  3.  Net-Zero CO2 Emissions and Cybersecurity: As mentioned, achieving net-zero CO2 emissions often involves implementing new technologies and infrastructure, such as electric vehicles, smart grids, and digital carbon tracking systems. These technologies can potentially be exploited if not properly secured, hence cybersecurity becomes critical.

To summarize, the transition towards sustainability and net-zero CO2 emissions heavily relies on digital technologies, which in turn require robust cybersecurity measures to protect them. Thus, these three elements are intrinsically connected in our efforts to mitigate climate change and transition to a more sustainable future.”


We would like to express our sincere thanks to our event partners, Dorit Bode, General Manager Germany & Austria from BT Global as well as Sascha Puljic, VP Germany from Palo Alto Networks for hosting this fascinating discussion with us; our speakers Stefan Domsch and Steffen Winkler for their valuable insights and; of course our guests for a lively and open discussion. 


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