CIONEXT - Winners European Digital Leader Of The Year Award 2021

Published by Ilkan Demir
September 20, 2021 @ 9:14 AM

From an extraordinary group of finalists who have made their organisations more successful by creating and implementing digital technologies, Marco Moretti (CIO of A2A) and Melanie Kehr (CIO & COO of KfW) have captured this year’s elusive European Digital Leader Of The Year Award in their respective fields of expertise.

Marco Moretti - Technology at the service of Sustainability

In the category “Public Sector”, the jury was stunned by Marco’s ability to leverage digital technology to create a portfolio of value. He collected data from power plants over a timespan of five years to create a digital twin. This led to predictive maintenance, reduced operational costs and increased operational effectiveness of power stations. Furthermore, it enhanced employee experience and thereby strengthened customer experience, generating a completely new digital business that has become a significant source of revenue for the company. “The announcement felt like I won an Oscar award”, Marco said with a vibrant smile. “It is a major accomplishment to be nominated. Even though I will be going home with the award, I believe that all the finalists are winners!” 

Melanie Kehr - Fighting Corona with Agile, trust and close collaboration between Business & IT

In the category “Finance Sector”, Melanie won the prestigious award for her resilient response to threats brought by the pandemic in ways that advance her organisation’s long term interest. She is a strong proponent of using data to create a more sustainable climate and uses a sophisticated KPI-framework to address this goal. Last year, KfW provided funds totalling €135 million, of which 33% went to climate and environmental projects like wind farms and charging points for electric cars. Melanie hinted at being only in the beginning of her achievements, which promises a lot for the future! “I am overwhelmed with this honour and gladly accept the award on behalf of our team. It has been a challenging year but the collaboration of Business, IT and the Ministries of Finance and Economics were very special to us.” 

We give out a special thanks to the other finalists and like to emphasize that each and every one of them made a strong case to win the award. As mentioned earlier: all of them are WINNERS!

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