Practical opportunities with AI: co-design session summary

Published by Tomasz Steinmetz
June 05, 2023 @ 10:01 AM
While the spring season is still in full swing CIONET organised a co-design session with the theme “Practical opportunities with AI” in cooperation with Fujitsu. There could be no more engaging topic for this particular period and for the digital leaders involved.
For the arrangement of the session, we made use of the special Fujitsu methodology Human Centric Experience Design that allowed for creative sharing of ideas among participants. We invited four keynote speakers and Annette Brunsmeier of Fujitsu as the session orchestrator:
After a brief introduction of the speakers, the session kicked off with a warm-up that concentrated on desirability (the presence of needs), feasibility (technical possibility), viability (finance) of AI. 
The general aim of the session was also explained as to produce immediately executable points in the time available that will be applicable in business environments.

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AI applications – presentation

In the initial part, Udo Wuertz explained on a few examples, including Lufthansa biometrics, how companies can benefit from AI. The search for ideal AI applications is much focused on disruptive innovation - a look for a breakthrough, such as electric cars or iphones in the early 21st century. Among others, it involves progress in manufacturing, network maintenance, education, healthcare, customer service, security, and carbon emission control.

Discussion of the participants

A discussion followed with the question: “What keeps you from using AI?”. The answers from the participants appeared via the Mentimeter tool and encompassed limitations such as:
  • Time
  • Budget
  • Training, Knowledge, and Skills
  • Culture and Awareness
  • Responsibility Distribution
The next question for debate was about solutions to preventing disruptions and fostering the use of AI. The answers revolved around better training, governance and involving humans in the loop, all working towards demystification of AI.

The international panel

In the panel discussion, Stina Westman introduced an academic perspective — she touched on the new role the university has to adopt in AI education (speed of research, public-private partnerships), the use of ChatGPT by students, and research undertaken in Finland on chatbots. 
Speaking from the perspective of a startup that links education with business, Kasia Borowska of, stressed the variety of skills needed to execute AI projects. She also referred to concerns of the AI research community and regulations that are needed to harness AI. Kasia made an interesting point as to the future—AI will be more and more trained on specific industry data sets rather than the whole corpus of the Internet. 
Bernd Datler followed in the discussion with concrete AI use cases from ASFINAG, the Austrian motorway company. They involved customer service (sentiment analysis), video detection of accidents, predictive bridge maintenance, and parking spaces management. The number of AI applications at ASFINAG is constantly growing, even against slower decisive processes, and Bernd foresees the continuation of this trend.  
The final note of the panel sounded with an exchange on electric cars and road design. In the closing, the audience asked questions regarding methodology and design thinking in AI.


By way of summary, Roger Camrass of CIONET UK attempted to draw a clear line between traditional computing and AI. As a differentiating factor to the times of the advent of the Internet,  the immediate public availability of AI tools was stressed. 
“AI is still mathematics” was the final pun from Udo Wuertz of Fujitsu. 
In the last part of the workshop, the participants shared their major takeaways from the session. They pointed to the “ongoing journey of AI” and the possibilities for out-of-the-box thinking during co-design sessions
CIONET will continue to participate in the world discussion on AI, as we aim to be the go-to international platform for digital leaders. Follow our social media and blog for more digital transformation-related events and stay tuned to CIONET TV for in-depth interviews with digital leaders.
Thank you for participating and sharing your interest in the practical opportunities with AI. We are the largest community of digital leaders around. You can gain many insights and build your connections network by becoming a member. Join us now!

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