Olivier Gibert - Global CTO at Carrefour - Future-proofing a retail giant

Published by Anna Andrzejewska
October 04, 2023 @ 10:00 AM

Olivier Gibert - Global CTO at Carrefour - will join us on the 18th of October at CIONEXT | The Fabric of Future-proof Organisations. Register now 👉 www.cionext.com/18 and don’t miss the discussion on future-proofing your organisation’s platforms, infrastructure and architecture!
Operating in more than 40 countries with over 337,000 employees and several thousand stores, Carrefour is a retail giant with the ambition of becoming the leader of food transition for all.

In this #LeadershipDeepDive Interview, Hendrik Deckers discusses with Olivier the challenges the food industry is now facing: faster time to market, perpetually changing customer needs, increasing drive towards personalisation and greater focus on efficiency.

Olivier describes Carrefour’s IT strategy, which revolves around five pillars, in more detail. He underlines the importance of enhancing performance via data, tech use in boosting commercial activity, future-proofing the organisation with innovations like generative AI, cloud adoption, and refining working methodologies. Olivier touches upon the gradual and strategic organisational transformation from a country-specific model to a synchronised structure while navigating the challenges of legacy systems, varied market conditions, data management and increasing security across diverse geographical locations.

How did Carrefour choose the most effective IT operating model? How do you select the right components for maximum flexibility and minimum risk while creating a core digital platform strategy? What’s the optimal IT infrastructure and connectivity underpinning the businesses of the future? Watch the full interview to find out and don’t forget to book your virtual seat at CIONEXT | The Fabric of Future-proof Organisations 👉 www.cionext.com/18!

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