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October 20, 2023 @ 2:35 PM

Companies often possess a wealth of valuable data, both within their own organisation and in the
broader ecosystem in which they operate. Unfortunately, they are often oblivious to this hidden
treasure trove. They remain unaware of the existence of this data, its possible sources, and the
untapped value it contains. Thus, the challenge extends beyond merely locating the data; it also
encompasses the need to fully capitalise on it.

640x480_photo-SALLE-MIF1G001C0001-ANX1G00JU000AOn Tuesday, the 17th of October, CIONET held a session of “Les Rencontres “ – CIONET’s programme specially curated for the French-speaking digital leaders - in the picturesque Naxhelet Golf resort in Wanze. During this session, three digital leaders shed light on their visions on data discovery and monetisation and the projects they initiated in this context. What made these discussions particularly fascinating was that all three speakers not only represented entirely different sectors but were also operating at various stages of their 'data enterprise' journeys. The first was just embarking on this voyage, the second was well underway, and the third was cruising at full speed.

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Benjamin Bostoen, CIO of Thomas & Piron, stands as a visionary leader who carries a unique
perspective. Within an industry that heavily emphasises operational efficiency and tangible aspects - he even had a genuine brick next to him during his presentation to make the point - Benjamin recognises a distinct opportunity in harnessing the vast data streams available to a construction company. This data encompasses information regarding buildings, heating, installations, energy profiling, and more. Leveraging this data enables the creation of personalised services, such as preventive maintenance, long-term renovation scheduling, the management of domotics or even offering modular homes that adapt to their occupant's needs.

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Our second speaker, Emmanuel Gob, Business Intelligence & Analytics Manager at DPD, the logistics group, equally surprised the audience. DPD's already has status of a highly digitally transformed
company, boasting extensive automation and data-driven processes, still, Emmanuel revealed that DPD continues to explore new data sources. They gather data unrelated to their core business but
generated daily by their staff. The objective is to transform seemingly 'unproductive' data into highly valuable insights for external parties.


Gregori Ghitti, one of the co-founding fathers and Chief Data & Innovation Officer of OncoDNA, thenUntitled design (1)-Oct-20-2023-10-22-19-9728-AM
shared their remarkable transformation journey. What initially began as a firm supplying products for cancer analysis and research, shifted, in just a few years, its focus to become a knowledge hub. This hub aggregates knowledge on medical studies and cancer treatments and, based on this foundation, equips doctors, biopharmaceutical companies, and researchers worldwide with the information needed to optimally treat their patients through precision medicine and tailored treatments. Gregori aptly summed it up: "Data can save lives." OncoDNA now enables oncologists worldwide to diagnose even the rarest cancers and prescribe the most suitable treatments for their patients. Furthermore,
spurred by OncoDNA's success and in the lessons learned from the race to develop COVID vaccines in the last 3 years, the company's founders have established a second venture, dedicated to the creation of individually personalised vaccines.

BE20231017 - Presentation Wallonia 3 (1)A common thread weaving through these narratives was the creativity and entrepreneurship of these IT professionals who clearly recognise the value of data and have taken decisive actions to leverage it, potentially revolutionising their respective businesses and industries. These stories undoubtedly serve as an inspiration for CIOs, encouraging them to adopt a more entrepreneurial mindset and actively harness their organisation's digital assets.

Special thanks go to our speakers for sharing their inspiring stories: Benjamin Bostoen, Emmanuel Gob and Gregori Ghitti, as well as the participating members of CIONET.



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