LDD interview: IT & Business synergies to create cleaner energy

Published by Tomasz Steinmetz
February 15, 2023 @ 3:30 PM
Robbert van Rutten – Senior Vice President & Downstream CIO at Shell is one of the 6 Finalists of the European Digital Leader of the Year Award 2023 in the B2B category.
In this #LeadershipDeepDive interview Hendrik Deckers asked Robbert about Shell’s “Powering Progress Program” and the company’s ambition to become net zero by 2050, creating cleaner energy solutions (including low carbon fuels and EV charging stations) and the challenge to meet the ever increasing energy demand.
“Roughly about half of the CO2 reduction that we need to achieve by 2050 has to come from technologies that are currently not developed or deployed yet”, says Robbert.
Robbert also explained the idea behind the Market Hub e-commerce platform, which provides a B2C experience for B2B customers at Shell and talked about the market standard first strategy, next to reversing the strategy to rely heavily on IT transformation partners and bringing back insourcing of technical delivery capability.  
Can sustainability and Net Zero goals be reached without a grand ambition to build out a global low-carbon energy system? Is data democratisation going to change large organisations very quickly? What are the strategies to attract and retain top talent? Watch the full interview to find out!
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