LDD interview: How to go platform-based?

Published by Monika Rebala
September 27, 2023 @ 5:43 PM

“We are the plumbers of the Internet,” says Gordon Thomson, VP Service Provider EMEA at Cisco. Register now 👉 www.cionext.com/18 and join us on the 18th of October at CIONEXT | The Fabric of Future-proof Organisations, to discuss “IT plumbing” in more detail:

✅ How top Digital Leaders architect the businesses of tomorrow

✅ Their core digital platform strategy

✅ The optimal IT infrastructure setup

Cisco will be represented on the panel by Alexandra Zagury, VP, Partner Managed & as-a-Service, Global Partner Sales!


In this #LeadershipDeepDive Interview, Hendrik Deckers discussed with Gordon the principal challenges Digital Leaders encounter today. Due to economic pressures, organisations must restructure their operations. Simplification, enhancing security, reducing energy costs, and improving user experience have become not just a priority but a necessity. Gordon also elaborated on Cisco’s transformation from being product-feature-focused to becoming an outcomes-and-platform-driven organisation.

IT infrastructure currently utilises 1-2% of global electricity, and this figure is projected to rise to 3-4%, due to the proliferation of data, advancements in cloud technology, and increased utilisation of AI. Gordon discussed sustainability at Cisco,  where innovation is driven by the creation of solutions that are both circular and energy-efficient, prioritising mitigating the impacts of this increasing energy consumption.

How do Cisco and BT help their clients by building a platform-based approach and  integrating products? How did they reduce operational complexity? How does the company ensure data security whilst transporting 80% of internet traffic? Are AI & Automation going to erase human interaction from network observability and management entirely? Watch the full interview to find out! You can also listen to it on your favourite podcast platform:


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