LDD interview: Cloud as a blessing and a curse

Published by Monika Rebala
September 15, 2022 @ 9:21 AM

“Pragmatic problem solver. Passionate customer advocate. Collaborative creator and curious learner”, this is how Ilona Simpson, CIO EMEA of Netskope describes herself.

In this Leadership Deep Dive interview Ilona talks with Hendrik Deckers about business agility and culture as two key aspects of digital transformation and the role cloud plays in it.

“Business agility drives the digital transformation agenda. There are two pieces to it. There's the cultural part. There's the organizational part, as well as the underlying technology. So cloud has become the main component of technology enabler for that business agility”, says Ilona.

Deep dive into this interview and learn about the zero trust security solution that Netskope is implementing as key component of its security model.

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