LDD interview: Building IT strategy for the Netherlands

Published by Monika Rebala
October 11, 2022 @ 12:15 PM

Meet Lourens Visser, CIO at the Dutch Central Government, who is a Finalist in the 2023 European Digital Leader of the Year Awards in the Government category! Register here: https://www.cionext.com/14  & join Lourens at the panel discussion on 26th October at CIONEXT: Navigating the Perfect Storm!

In the meantime watch this insightful interview in which Lourens speaks with Hendrik Deckers about IT strategy for the Netherlands and an 800-million-euro information transparency programme, whose aim is to rebuild trust between the citizens and the public institutions. 

Lourens also talks about replacing legacy systems, the Netherlands’ new cloud policy, more responsible data management and the use of algorithms in governmental institutions. “We want data analytics to make better policies, better laws, and better execution thereof,” he says.

Moreover, the CIO of the Dutch Central Government shares his views on the current IT talent shortages and explains why automation and no-code / low-code could help solve the problem.

“Always set your ambitions high but also be realistic,” says Lourens. Watch the full interview to learn more about Lourens and his experience!

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