LDD interview: Bringing value to the retail business with RPA & AI

Published by Monika Rebala
November 03, 2022 @ 3:30 PM

How is Carrefour going to realise their ambition to become a digital retail company by 2026? Is implementing an in-house-built point of sale for the entire Group a good strategy? Are fully automated stores and instant delivery service - Bringo - the future of Carrefour?

In this Leadership Deep Dive interview Hendrik Deckers discusses with Gabriela Stanica, CIO & CDO at Carrefour Romania, their journey to a cloud-based, data-driven company and implementing the product mindset. Gabriela explains what strategies have been adopted to battle the talent shortage and monetise data from one of the biggest data lakes in retail (over 8 billion transactions). She also shares how Carrefour is using algorithms to predict over 80% of customer basket choices using AI.
Watch the full interview to find out how the use of RPA and AI can foster digital transformation and how Gabriela’s experience at Carrefour in New York shaped her leadership styl!

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