Fighting Corona with IT: The Community Learnings

Published by Hendrik Deckers
March 26, 2020 @ 9:42 AM

CIONET brought together one hundred digital leaders from across EMEA on Friday 20/03/20 to share experiences re- the spread of the Coronavirus. Here is a brief summary of the discussions held on the Zoom platform with a plenary followed by ten breakout sessions:.

1. What are the Urgent issues you are dealing with?

  • Business continuity especially around supply chains, cashflow, employee moral
  • Maintaining ongoing IT programmes such as ERP and Office 365 roll outs
  • Establishing communication with all staff to respond to the crisis in real time
  • Extending the work environment into homes including connectivity and collaboration
  • Rebalancing infrastructures to cope with home working such as VPNs, Security
  • Seeking advice from tech companies who seem well equipped for virtual working

2. What novel Solutions are you employing to cope with the crisis?

  • Providing new ways to deal with work-life balance such as e-coffee breaks, happy hours and Yoga classes
  • Trusting employees to work in this new environment and to support the business
  • Rapid roll-out of hardware, broadband/VPN and associated collaboration tools (Zoom, Teams, Slack, Office 365, etc) to enable home working
  • Daily virtual meetings and use of virtual workshop techniques to support project teams
  • Working closely with Tech vendors who have greater experience of virtual working

3. What might be the implications of such a crisis for the Future?

  • Dealing with Legacy infrastructures by adopting ‘Next Gen’ techniques such as SD-WAN, 5G and IoT as well as collaboration tools such as Slack, Teams
  • Rethinking work patterns to improve employee wellbeing, engagement and trust
  • Learning from Millennials about what work in the future might look like
  • Placing greater emphasis on Innovation as a means of constantly adapting to change

Thank you all for your input and experience sharing! Thank you Roger Camrass for the write-up. #stayhealthy #staysafe

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