Digitise Your Workforce - October 27

Published by Jan Goris
November 02, 2020 @ 11:41 AM

The CIONET Belgium community had on October 27th our Virtual Community event on "Digitise Your Workforce" with 84 participants.

Thanks again Peter Vanbellingen (Colruyt), Christel Plessers (Daimler), Stefan Van Gansbeke (C.M.) & Loes Beddegenoodts (Deloitte) for sharing your insights and Wouter Goris (Ready2Improve) to keep us into shape.

In the interactive panel discussion, Peter, Christel and Stefan discussed what training programs they are running, how their people are trained and kept up-to-date. 

At Daimler, they use a full digital training in combination with a forum, based on six modules (Open Source, DevOps, Cloud Security, ...). People who complete the training receive a certificate.


Next, at Colruyt, the training is based on:
- communities,
- working with (external) coaching on the job,
- in combination with hackatons:  trying to learn more about new technologies

Digital Awareness at CM:
- distribution of USB sticks (10 years ago) with own malware, to track who would use it
- sending of phishing mails (50% off at Colruyt for example)
- e-learning
- building of the "human firewall"

The following two poll were launched:
- How do you evaluate the current digital skills of your IT Team?
- How do you evaluate the current digital skills of the rest of the organisation?


image_2020_10_27T15_33_16_549Z (2)

  • Ready 2 Improve Deskercise
    Wouter Goris from Ready 2 Improve introduced us to the concept of working out behind your desk in combination with a Dyna Band. 

  • Gamification @ Deloitte - Loes Beddegenoodts

Explanation of the continuously learning mobile app that was rolled out at Deloitte, focussing on 3 themes: cloud, digital and analytics. The app uses challenges, badges, leaderboards, .. to motivate people, especially competitive players. The 

This resulted in 4000 subscriptions, about 2200 active players in 367 active teams and people from 68 geographies, and around 500 players who reached the maximum score.


  • Launching of the Fittest IT Team program

CIONET challenges you to become the fittest IT team. With this exciting program, you can energize your team. 

Every participant receives a Fitbit and an account on the digital platform for this challenge. During 12 weeks, you receive weekly personal training programs to improve your physical and mental health. 

Participation is at company level. At least 5 team members need to be in the team. Your team can also challenge your Business Partners and the IT Teams of your customers.

If you want to participate or if you want to challenge partners or customers, you can find more info and book a meeting with Inès or Luc here.

  • Interactive discussions in break out rooms:


  • Winner of the background challenge: Philip De Bie, CIO at Picanol. He will receive a starter pack for 5 persons the "Fittest IT challenge".


Winning background video:


Don't forget to register for our next event:

Building Digital Capabilities in Ecosystems

Join us on December 8th for an online session on Ecosystems. In the online platform you will have the opportunity to schedule 1-on-1 sessions with you peers to brainstorm on out-of-the-box ecosystems.

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