Exclusive CxO Update: AI & Automation

Published by Tomasz Steinmetz
July 10, 2023 @ 10:21 AM
The summer evening of July 6th saw fourteen digital leaders meet at the exclusive CIONET-organised CxO debrief revolving around AI & Automation. 
Our sponsor UiPath provided an insider perspective on the field of Intelligent Automation with Chris Forrest stressing how human workloads and creativity needs will evolve over the coming years. Catriona Campbell of EY UK&I, the author of the well-received book “AI by Design”, kicked off with a general look at the landscape of artificial intelligence and opportunities it brings.
In the free flowing discussion that followed, CxOs mentioned challenges and hopes regarding the advent of generative AI. Moderated by CIONET’s Hendrik Deckers with the aid of UiPath’s Chris Forrest, the exchange converged on the practical use of AI and the strategies CIOs need to implement now and in the future. Glass of champagne in hand, hopes of a 3-day work week were voiced as well as concerns over AI governance and accessibility.
Plenty of use cases for AI were identified, while at the same time it was agreed that scaling the use of AI is a very present issue. Phases of internal experimentation and of delayed rolling out to the public were proposed, while not all of the guests indicated the presence of fully developed AI strategies at their enterprises. The lack of clear proof of concept for AI use was said to cause hesitation among board members and prevent significant investments.
The exclusive debrief, following the April CIONEXT, offered a space for digital leaders to precisely exchange their views on AI and Automation, learn from each other’s perspectives, and tighten the grip on the ever accelerating technological progress.
We’d like to thank the participants for their valuable inputs and cheerful presence. Our thanks go to: 
  • Catriona Campbell, CTIO at EY
  • Natasha Davydova, CIO at AXA UK&I
  • Dr. Jochen Göttelmann, CIO at Lufthansa
  • Kurt de Ruwe, CIO at AkzoNobel
  • Artie Debidien, EVP / CIO Consumer, Wholesale & Enterprise Technology Solutions at KPN
  • Kalman Tiboldi, Founder & CTO at GemOne TVH Group
  • Steven Ackx, Innovation Officer at NMBS
  • Patrick Putman, CIO at Manuchar
  • Hans Geurts, CIO at VTTI
  • Luis Bravo, CIO at Grupo Envera
  • Remco Brouwer, former Senior Vice President Digital Transformation at RANDSTAD HOLDING
  • Daniel Gebler, Founder & CTO at Picnic
  • Maxim Oei, Tech strategist | CTO Office at Picnic
  • Hans Geurts, CIO at VTTI
  • Miguel Cordeiro, Director Information Technology System at Rangel Logistics Solutions
  • Godfrey Jordan, UiPath
  • Chris Forrest, UiPath 
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