Colin Fisher - Global Senior Director, Cloud Partner Ecosystem - Red Hat - Mastering Cloud-Native Technology for Business Success

Published by Kasia Sanchez
November 20, 2023 @ 11:57 AM

Colin Fisher, Global Senior Director, Cloud Partner Ecosystem at Red Hat, is a panellist at CIONEXT | Mastering the Cloud on the 29th of November! Register now πŸ‘‰ and join us for the discussion on:

βœ… How complexity impedes progress. How do we optimise processes and maximise value? 

βœ… How to navigate the challenges of hybrid and multi-cloud setups and how to keep the options open? 

βœ… How to align business goals with coherent IT and cloud strategies?


In this #LeadershipDeepDive interview, Hendrik Deckers discussed with Colin his experience and the critical role of open-source software in the development of cloud technology. Colin emphasized the importance of agility, scalability, and reliability in adapting cloud-native technologies and also the challenges of cloud adoption, including security and compliance concerns.

How can Red Hat guide organisations through the adoption of cloud-native technologies? What is the role of open source in the cloud-native landscape? How can cloud-native strategies empower your digital transformation journey? 

Watch the full interview to find out and don’t forget to book your virtual seat at CIONEXT | Mastering the Cloud: !


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