Feel the vibes of the CIONET Belgium Annual Event, in pictures!

Published by Frederic De Meyer
January 21, 2019 @ 10:18 AM

On January 15th over 120 Belgian digital leaders gathered in the Atomium to get fresh thoughts and visions to start the year with a huge bag of inspiration. 4 digital leaders and 4 though-provoking thinkers shared their experience and visions for the future. According to the feedback from participants, the event was a huge succes, and delivered on its promise.

Thanks for the inspiring speeches from the CIONET community Sabine Everaet, Kurt De Ruwe, Geert Van Mol, Stephan Forseilles, and the external speakers Marion Debruyne, Olivier Onghena-'t Hooft, Francesco Gadaleta and keynote speaker former ambassador of the US Howard Gutman.

And thanks to all the participants for making this event a success! Keep on following us to get the presentations, the summary video and the video's with CIOs responding to some surprising questions!

If you missed the opportunity, here's an opportunity to see what you missed, or if you attended, it's a chance to recollect some good memories:

(pictures by David Legreve)

CIONET Atomium219 CIONET Atomium044

CIONET Atomium041

CIONET Atomium050

CIONET Atomium066

CIONET Atomium089

CIONET Atomium068

CIONET Atomium047

CIONET Atomium098

CIONET Atomium030


CIONET Atomium109

CIONET Atomium147

CIONET Atomium254

CIONET Atomium127

CIONET Atomium170

CIONET Atomium189

CIONET Atomium201

CIONET Atomium287

CIONET Atomium208

CIONET Atomium216

CIONET Atomium325

CIONET Atomium340

CIONET Atomium343

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