Cloud security, governance & compliance

Published by Luc Brouwers
November 26, 2020 @ 6:00 PM

Cloud Security, Governance & Compliance

Your job is at risk if you don't get this right.

As more organisations are shifting infrastructure and services to the cloud, more are adopting a multi-cloud strategy. This comes with benefits such as elasticity, flexibility and productivity yet also with some challenges. It can e.g. be difficult to secure visibility across hosts and services, which makes it easier for hackers to find exploitable vulnerabilities. It also becomes more challenging to meet all regulations and standards.

CIONET Belgium – Event –  Cloud Security, Governance & Compliance - Participants

On Thursday 26th of November 20 Digital leaders, Cybersecurity Experts from IBM, and CIONET had a lively discussion on this hot topic. We all see that the pace of transformations is accelerating, and traditional cybersecurity can’t keep the pace. In this environment hackers have found a very lucrative business model. As the potential impact of a security incident can be significant, it is also heaven on earth for CISO’s, yet 2 out of 3 are very concerned about ransomware.

Security is not the key accountability of the cloud service provider. Security responsibility depends on your cloud service model. We need to look at the total picture combining on-premise and cloud. IBM has defined a method for approaching cloud security strategy design, aligned with industry frameworks such as NIST SP800-53 and CSA. This can help to build a business case for hybrid cloud security, a prioritised roadmap with quick wins and next steps.

Security is not the sole responsibility of IT. The entire organisation top-down need to have sufficient awareness and take it's responsibility.

CIONET Belgium – Event –  Cloud Security, Governance & Compliance : Poll

Key conclusions:

  • All enterprises will eventually MOVE TO THE CLOUD
  • In the end it will be MULTI CLOUD
  • Security is the key BARRIER to CLOUD ADOPTION
  • Cloud Security talent is HARDEST TO FIND

CIONET Belgium – Event –  Cloud Security, Governance & Compliance - Parody

If you want to discuss your security concerns, feel free to contact Anna van Wassenaer, Cloud Security Business Development EMEA,

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