Transforming while performing

Published by Luc Brouwers
November 24, 2020 @ 5:00 PM

Transforming while performing

During a round table with 16 digital leaders and leaders from Cognizant we exchanged findings about the impact of Covid 19 on our transformation programs

Andres Angelani, author of the book Transforming while performing is a passionate speaker, who amongst others explained us that the office of the future will be built for a population of about half of the total population of a company. Seating spaces will have to be converted into meeting rooms. While it is important to think about the company office, he reminds us that it is equally important to invest in the home office of our employees and find ways to engage people. We also need to find ways to measure engagement and avoid that people are back-to-back in video calls.

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In general we felt that Covid had a positive impact on our transformation projects, yet Andres warned us that this will not remain the case.

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Maaike Rijkers and Fred Van Pouderoijen , both Head IT within the Payments Domain at Rabobank. They explained the success factors of their agile transformation.

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When asked which we considered the most important success factor, “shared vision and roadmap” got the most votes, yet different aspects were probably recognized as of key importance.

It was a fun event with active involvement of all participants. We look forward to the next round table.


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