CIONEXT | Customer Centricity: future-proofing for the ultra-normal

Published by Diogo Pereira
September 21, 2020 @ 1:20 PM

During the panel discussion with Anke Sax, Erwin VerstraelenGeert StandaertRui Pedro Silva, and Anna Baird from Google, we got insights into how companies need to be Customer-Centric to differentiate from the competition and also, the lessons that we learned is to prioritize and don't continue to optimize as it's all about effective execution around the customer.

Throughout this virtual event, hosted by Hendrik DeckersNils Fonstad, and Roger Camrass. we launched several polls for all the participants in Zoom to kick off the discussion of each of the main topics.

The first topic discussed was, what was the main focus before 2020? and whether it had changed as a result of the Corona crisis, and on this poll, we've got results that show their focus was on Operational Excellence.

INT20200708_Poll_Results__3_ In the last polls, we focused more on what will be from 2020 onwards and if from January, they would be doing more, less, or the same amount of projects. Interestingly according to the results of these polls, they will focus less on Operational Excellence from 2020 onward, and the focus will be more on the side of Customer Intimacy and more projects.

Find out the detailed results of the 3 polls in the full article available in our app exclusively for CIONET Members and join the conversation!

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