Leadership in the Next Normal - Poll Results and Recordings

Published by Hendrik Deckers
April 23, 2020 @ 9:37 AM

We had a great Web Conference on Wednesday 22/4/20 with 500+ total participants on Zoom & Linkedin Live. Thanks again Lourens Visser & Miao Song for sharing your insights in this event!

If you weren't there - or missed some of the interesting points we discussed - watch the recordings below and share your thoughts!

Poll Results

We have conducted three polls among participants - CIOs and IT directors from the CIONET global community. We asked:

  • if their remobilisation plan is ready
  • if they re-negociated contracts with suppliers
  • if they would make a vorona app mandatory for their IT staff

We learned that 67% of our digital leaders have not (yet) renegotiated contracts and fees with suppliers in order to safe cash. 8% are already done with that!

Screenshot 2020-04-22 at 18.23.37

The full results of the poll are available for members on our CIONET App. If you're a digital leader managing large-scale IT operations, join our community!

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