Yasmin Shmuel, COO at WiderPool, panelist at CIONET's Spain Annual Event

Published by Mona Biegstraaten
September 27, 2018 @ 8:30 AM

Yasmin Shmuel is one of the experts that will participate next 30th October at the Open Innovation panel of CIONET’s Spain Annual Event titled Open CIO, Open Innovation.

Within this panel, Yasmin will guide you through a 360º vision of innovation and the models that are being applied internationally.

But before you attend to the Open Innovation panel we would love to present you Yasmin a bit more.

Yasmin brings over 11 years of experience in tech, research and designing digital platforms from scratch. She is leading the international operations team of WiderPool, a UK based Venture Capital that conduct Open Innovation projects. After working with both corporates and startups in Israel, she has decided her mission is to successfully match make between both communities worldwide. She is responsible for accelerating corporations’ growth by connecting them with innovative tech startups via a unique vetting paradigm based on Open Innovation.

Some notable projects were led by her in the Energy and Retail sectors in Italy, the US and India. The startups that were found and integrated are international (US, UK, Israel, Sweden, Australia) and all bring Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and IoT capabilities.

Yasmin accumulated her professional and cultural experience in Israel, Spain, Argentina and Canada, starting with 3 years as a Telecommunications Lieutenant.

Yasmin has participated in the prestigious “Alpha Program” at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem. She also received several degrees – all with full honours – including an MBA in Strategy, Entrepreneurship & Qualitative Research, a Bachelor Degree in Psychology, and a Bachelor Degree in Business Administration. She is an advocate of constant learning; thus, she has few certificates from Stanford University in Machine Learning and from Duke University in Renewable Energy and Green Building Entrepreneurship.


Check out the full event agenda here.

If you are interested in attending, write us at eventos@cionet.com


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