Key learnings from a corporate innovator, join us @ CIONET Belgium annual event, January 30th

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January 15, 2018 @ 5:37 PM

At CIONET Belgium's annual event Yoav Nir, co-inventor of Barco's successful Clickshare product and author of 'Game Changing Innovation' will share his experience and vision on how to produce ground-breaking innovation within a corporate environment. Hereunder a short summary of his findings on this journey.

Join us on January 30th for CIONET's annual event, where Yoav will provide you more advise on how corporates can deliver on disruptive innovation!

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Every company (both corporates, startups and scale ups) today wants to make products that sell. Through Innovation and creativity we want to make the best products, but often with varying degrees of success. Nevertheless, with some simple techniques and strategies one can significantly increase the probability and size of success of his product or service.

CIONET Belgium - What's Next 2018 - Book Yoav NirBased on 20 years of hands-on experience at Barco nv (ClickShare and Virtual Reality within Barco), Yoav Nir explains these concrete techniques and strategies. The methodology that the author brings is, with the book as a guide and more than seventy tips, quickly useful in practice. The theory is supplemented with many cases. It is primarily a "how to" book and a lessons learned, based on in-depth analysis and reflection. As a result, it complements existing international reference works like Osterwalder's 'Business model innovation' and , Ries' 'Lean startup'.

The book focuses on both startups and scale ups, as well as larger corporates where intrapreneurship can lead to new, innovative products and services, as well as corporate venturing to realize products, ... The dynamics and preconditions are different in each of these organizations, but there are also similarities in the realization of successful products / services.

Key concepts and learnings 

  • Innovation is not an end in itself, but a means to. One can’t force innovation. Innovation is imposed when one can’t solve a problem with existing best industry practice.
  • The high importance of customer development and the close cooperation between sales, marketing and product management. The book provide practical tips on how to improve “customer development” competence.
  • One should make more use of the wealth of knowledge and information available to sales people within a company.
  • The book provides some guidelines on how to handle Intuition and gut feeling, which is unavoidable when one is doing true innovation due to lack of data.
  • It is difficult-yet possible-for large corporations to be game-changing innovators.

Some do’s and don’ts


  1. Listen to the customers problem
  2. Come up with the solution
  3. Fine tune the solution and validate in the market
  4. Dare to pivot (change direction) if there are no positive signs
  5. learn from failure, success can come out of failure (fail forward)


  1. Make a product because you can
  2. If the product doesn’t sell, add features
  3. Panic when you are facing the chasm.
  4. Think you are Steve Jobs and do not need to listen to the market
  5. Fall into the typical corporate pitfalls.

The book is published by Die Keure publishers, click here for all the info.

Learn more directly from Yoav at CIONET's annual event, click here for all the info

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