Xavier Baraton - CAO of Carrefour France - Building an innovative finance team

How to organise the finance department and IT collaboration to get the best results? What role do data and data governance play in a successful transformation? How to implement robotic process automation to maintain high satisfaction levels among employees?

In this Leadership Deep Dive episode Xavier Baraton, CAO of Carrefour France tells Hendrik Deckers about 4 main pillars of transformation in the finance department:

  • Evolving from traditional ERP
  • Automation & people management
  • Big data & data governance
  • Process mining

Xavier shares his experience and advice on how to manage transversal teams and what a productive collaboration between IT and finance can look like. He explains how a senior leader’s ego influences horizontal and vertical relationships in the organisation, how to overcome challenges posed by different communication styles and what he does to foster effective implementation of novelties – tools and ways of thinking - across teams.

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Published on 20.04.2022

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