Tomasz Motyl – CIO of Aion Bank – Redefining the industry with a bold vision of digital native bank

How to complete Digital Transformation in five months? How to convert one of the world’s oldest banking institutions into a new innovative and digital native bank?

In this Leadership Deep Dive episode Tomasz Motyl, co-founder and CIO of Aion Bank, talks with Hendrik Deckers about doing the impossible and doing it in a model way. In just over five months the team of Aion Bank successfully completed a deep digital transformation project which not only brought to life a bold vision of creating an all-inclusive banking, but also redefined the industry standards.

Currently Aion Bank offers its customers a completely new and advanced business model based on subscriptions. Operating in 16 countries, there are certain features that make Aion special and different from traditional banks:

  • It simplifies the processes and the operation model
  • It is connected to Open Banking which gives the customer complete transparency of the market
  • It offers better services at lower price: for fixed monthly subscription fee the customers receive the full scope of services ranging from daily banking products, competitive rates for loans, smart tools to save on household bills, deposits and loans
  • It is a fully digital bank powered, 99% cloud based and powered by Vodeno Cloud Platform

Aion Bank has become a role model for the entire IT ecosystem. Tomasz modestly says: “We are following the nowadays standards for the new IT companies”, but truth to be told, Aion Bank is setting new standards.


Published on 23.07.2021

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