Thomas Mannmeusel – Group CIO of Webasto – Breaking the silos & Global Process Organization

I want to break silos. I really believe that this is the future, says Thomas.

How to remain flexible and successful in the era of digital challenges? Watch the full interview and find out!

In this Leadership Deep Dive episode Thomas Mannmeusel, Executive VP Process Optimization & Group CIO of Webasto talks with Hendrik Deckers about the Global Process Organization, unique program that helps Webasto to break the silos. Thomas explains why he is a big fan of decentralization and building networks and how meeting a basketball mentor helped him to understand the business world better. He also believes that transforming traditional team structures is key to achieve better business results:her (Digital Power House). Carsten shares his view on leveraging technology to embrace automation and make life easier with ''robotisation''.

  • Building cross-functional teams
  • Leveraging data to boost productivity
  • Giving importance to flawless communication

Thomas takes his leadership to another level and redefines the role of CIO by acting as the “glue” among all corporate functions. „If you make others successful it will eventually pay back”, he says. Don’t miss this amazing leadership lesson and watch the whole interview!


Published on 26.10.2021

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