Tarun Kohli – MD & Head of New Propositions of Swiss Re – Business Strategy for the digital future

What is Reconnections Program? How to leverage big data and analytics to solve board level challenges?

In this Leadership Deep Dive episode Tarun Kohli, Managing Director & Head of New Propositions of Swiss Re, talks with Hendrik Deckers about the problems with managing the data, challenges of digital transformation in the insurance industry and the Reconnection Program, which solved a huge industry challenge in 3 months. "The collective output of the team is far better than the single output of any team member", says Tarun and talks about his unique management style:

  • Empowering the team
  • Being authentic, trustful and inspirational
  • Servant leadership

I wouldn't be surprised if the digital leaders of the future start to become the CEO's of the organization", Tarun comments and explains how his global experience helps him to pursue the Digital Transformation Journey with Prudential.


Published on 31.08.2021

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