Sven Egyedy – CIO & CTO of Federal Foreign Office of Germany – Serving the citizens and democracy

In this Leadership Deep Dive episode Sven Egyedy, CIO & CTO of Federal Foreign Office of Germany talks with Hendrik Deckers about his efforts to bring home over 200,000 German citizens home when the first wave of Coronavirus hit the entire world. Sven’s team implemented the „Rueckholprogramm“:

  • a stable worldwide working system implemented within 24 hours
  • 2 h sprints allowed for the system to be tested and fully operational
  • risk mitigation by providing an integrated dev-ops team
  • full agile framework in the highly regulated public sector
  • strict security approach based on an individual risk-assessment

"My role is to provide an environment where as a team we can work in a really good way”, says Sven and stresses the importance of empowering people and giving them a clear goal.


Published on 28.07.2021

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