Stuart McGuigan - Former CIO of the Department of State - Aligning to the mission

The more successful I was at connecting with people as a business leader, not just a technology leader, the faster we made progress and the more we got trust and budget support, says Stuart McGuigan, former CIO of the Department of State.

In this Leadership Deep Dive episode, Stuart talks with Hendrik Deckers about the art and science of marrying a company's mission to the technology strategy and explains why aligning to the mission motivates people better and unleashes their creativity. 

Stuart also shares his views on similarities and differences between working in a business and government environment. How to identify the strengths of the culture you're in? How to leverage those strengths and identify the weaknesses? And how to come up with mitigating strategies for the weaknesses? Dive into this interview to learn more and be inspired by Stuart McGuigan


Published on 26.01.2022

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