Sebastian Jaworski - ARIMR / BGK - Building In-House Team Among Talent Shortage

When the IT talent shortage in Poland was estimated at roughly 100 thousand people, Sebastian Jaworski, then IT director and CIO at ARIMR (The Agency for Restructuring and Modernisation of Agriculture) decided to fire outsourcing partners and build an internal software development factory and hired 40 people within a year.

He also led an Agile transformation in this quite calcified 25-year old government organisation. The online platform that his team built has served 2 million farmers in its first year. In this episode of Leadership Deep Dive, Sebastian talks with Hendrik Deckers about:

  • always seeking a challenge
  • agile transformation in a government agency
  • impressing the business stakeholders who used to resent exorbitant bills for software development
  • balancing trust and control in leading a high-performance team.


Published on 02.04.2020

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