Sebastian Grams – CEO of Audi Sport (former CIO of Seat & Cupra) – Journey back to technology

How is SEAT:CODE different to Seat & Cupra? Can a car industry organization become a profitable digital business? Why is it so important to keep the control of a digital product in-house? What is Fast Lane and how does it respond to changing customer needs?

In this Leadership Deep Dive episode Sebastian Grams, CEO of Audi Sport (former CIO of Seat & Cupra) talks with Hendrik Deckers about the transformation journey he took first in Audi, changing from "classical" IT to agile, and then in Seat where he set up SEAT:CODE, "a new organization from an IT perspective, which is caring about projects end to end." All this was possible thanks to Sebastian's management style:

  • Trusting the team
  • Close collaboration with HR department
  • Being brave and failing
  • Continuous learning


Published on 21.09.2021

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