Sanjay Patel – CIO of Tate & Lyle – From manual work to full automation in a food ingredient company

How to reinvent food business with long tradition? What does it take to eliminate manual work and to have as much workflow as possible?

In this Leadership Deep Dive episode, Sanjay Patel, CIO of Tate & Lyle, talks with Hendrik Deckers about how to reorganize the way we work. Big evangelist of technology and automation, Sanjay believes that pandemic was a great change catalyst that enabled huge transformation of the workplace and workforce. “Start small, pick a technology” and start the journey in robotics, says Sanjay.

Throughout this conversation Sanjay also reflects on the new approach to Innovation:

  • Sharpening focus on customers
  • Accelerating portfolio transformation & innovation pipeline (data & insights)
  • Simplifying business (automation, workflow)
  • Agility & integrating business

Having worked as a chemical engineer, business consultant, transformation leader and CIO gave Sanjay all the necessary capabilities to understand and work with the business. Watch this amazingly insightful interview and learn from Sanjay Patel how years of self-development helped him to become a conscious business leader.


Published on 14.06.2021

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