Sam Kini – Global CIO at Unilever –  Leading IT globally while prioritising sustainability

The mission of CIONET.TV is to discover the DNA of the most successful Digital Leaders in the world and present their stories to our Community. Today we are proud to publish our 100th #LeadershipDeepDive Interview with a seasoned and one of a kind leader - Sam Kini - who is the Global CIO at Unilever, an organisation active in 190 countries, employing 150,000 people (with 3.4 billion consumers in the world using their products every single day!). 

In this episode Hendrik Deckers asks what is the CIO’s role in a company of this size with an ambitious goal to reduce their “application BMI”, move 90% of technology to the cloud by the end of 2022. Sam explains Unilever’s IT organisation and strategy behind creating simplicity at scale - mapping the application footprint globally, consolidating technologies and removing the complexity.

They discuss the importance of sustainability and Unilever’s goals in the area: being deforestation-free by 2023, innovations that support sustainability, such as refillable products and initiatives that help achieve these objectives, including the Climate and Nature Fund, set to effectively invest EUR 1 billion over the next 10 years.

“Our mission is to have purposeful brands to be able to prove that having a sustainable business increases performance”, says Sam.

Is the Metaverse on the top of the agenda at Unilever? Is Unilever fully agile yet? How important is diversity and inclusion for the organisation? Watch the full interview to find out!



Published on 22.11.2022

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