Sabine Everaet - CIO EMEA, Coca-Cola - Driving Results through Data, Dialogue and Diversity

For the past 10 years, Sabine Everaet has been driving digital processes and innovation at Coca-Cola as CIO of the EMEA region. As the Chair of The Coca-Cola Company's European Women Leadership Council, she is helping to bridge the gender gap in IT career opportunities and boost diversity in the board rooms.

Hendrik Deckers, founder and managing director of CIONET, is talking with Sabine about data-driven projects that she is leading at Coca-Cola, about the ROI of diversity and dialogue, and about all the things that helped Sabine become the leader she is today - from her mentors, management style, to meditation, family and the challenges of being a high-energy leader in a world that struggles with change.


Published on 11.10.2019

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