Roger Camrass – Research Director at CIONET – Birth of the Digital World: a personal journey

I hope my legacy is leaving some thoughts about how to really take advantage of our digital world which will be so different to the world we grew up in, says Roger.

Let us take you to a journey across five decades. In this special edition of Leadership Deep Dive, Roger Camrass, International Research Director CIONET talks with Hendrik Deckers, Founder and MD CIONET on how the digital world of today has been shaped and how he contributed to this exciting technological revolution.

Watch the full interview now! With degrees from Cambridge University and MIT, Roger had the opportunity to get the first-hand experience in numerous technological endeavors across telecommunications, IT consulting and outsourcing. Having worked with first start-ups on the market and initiating IT consulting, Roger has witnessed the true technological change:

  • The roaring 70s: ARPANET, the precursor of Internet – the real game changer
  • The 80s: explosive growth of IT
  • The 90s: hyper-connectivity
  • The new Millennium: the start of digital era
  • Second decade of XXI c.: hyper-personalisation

Watch this amazing testimonial, Roger’s personal journey that took him across Europe and USA. Having participated in seminal tech developments such as call centres, ERP, Cloud and 5G, Roger anticipated in nineties that hyper-connectivity would transform the industrial landscape. Today Roger stresses that the data is the new Gold and the big question to all of us is how do we protect and monetise our own intellectual property?


Published on 11.11.2021

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