Nik Puri – Senior VP IT of FedEx Express – Digital revolution: being the fast fish and unleashing value in the market

What is PSP and why is it critical for Nik and FedEx? Why is servant leadership so important in FedEx? Is federation model more centralized or decentralized and how does it affect the organisation’s operating model? Watch the full interview and find out!

In this Leadership Deep Dive episode Nik Puri, Senior VP IT of FedEx Express, talks with Hendrik Deckers about the organisation’s transformation journey, the need to simplify processes and the unique people culture that is the “secret sauce”. Nik explains the phases of digital transformation after acquiring TNT:

  • Stabilizing the environment of the two separate entities
  • Integration
  • Leapfrog phase: shifting from modernizing and securing the infrastructure to unleashing the real market value

Nik is a true leader, conscious of the importance of culture and people in any transformation. Just like culture, data “is the fuel for our future value”, Nik says and adds that “complexity is the enemy of speed”. Make sure you watch the whole interview and absorb all the knowledge and experience that Nik is sharing with us.


Published on 11.10.2021

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