Miguel Cordeiro – Director Information Technology System at Rangel – Gaining competitive advantage with automation

Miguel Cordeiro – Director Information Technology System at Rangel – is nominated to the EDLOTY Award in the B2B category! Register here: cionext.com/16 and join us on 1st February 2023 at CIONEXT | Let’s talk Money to find out how the Finalists of the European Digital Leader of the Year 2023 optimise their IT spend in times of “doing more with less”.

Rangel provides its customers with the whole portfolio of logistics services - international air, sea and road transportation, express shipments and customs & contracts support - to mention just a few. Logistics sector is a competitive market, where the success of a company depends not only on price but often enough on the response and service delivery speed.

In this Leadership Deep Dive Interview Hendrik Deckers asked Miguel how to proceed when a legacy system stops responding to business needs and how to use such a situation as an opportunity for the IT department to reinvent itself. They also discussed different ways of making companies more efficient using a variety of tools. Two of them - Robotic Process Automation at Rangel’s RPA Center of Excellence and the Order to Cash to Pay Program - helped the organisation significantly increase competitive advantage on the market.
What are the key components of Rangel’s IT roadmap in the coming years? How to decide if a process should be automated using RPA? What measures can be put in place to enhance sustainability in a sector with a high carbon footprint? Watch the full interview to find out! 


Published on 20.12.2022

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